From Nasi Lemak to Sushi

The aroma of pandan leaves from Nasi Lemak was replaced by the fresh scent of sushi. A lovely scenery of the Twin Towers changes into 333-meters tall structure standing in the heart of Tokyo. A year ago, this scene was a distant dream, a daydream from anime and manga. Hi my name is Hafizi, an international student from Malaysia who has been a part of this lab since November last year.

My journey began with a single dream to study abroad which led to me being stranded in Japan. For 5 years in high school, I studied the German language. I decided to learn Deutsch as my third language because I wanted to pursue my academic career in German but after getting addicted to anime, my two best friends and I chose Japan as a destination to learn about its culture, language and history.

So, after years of diligent studying and countless nights of staying up for exams, I found myself landing at Narita Airport, a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety swirling inside me. Slowly, but surely, “ohayougozaimasu” and “arigatougozaimasu” become my daily routine.

Fig 1. Nasi Lemak
Fig 2. Petronas Towers


Fig 3. 富士山

 バケットリストのひとつとして、富士山に登りました。富士山に登ったのは7時間かかったのに、山頂での景色が魅惑的で美しい ^-^…

Fig 4. 東京タワー

 そして、東京で遊びに行きました。例えば、新宿、渋谷、秋葉原、浅草などに観光しました。東京は非常に都会的に都市で、多くのビルが立ち並び、高級なモールがあり、おしゃれな街です。長岡に比べて長岡の方が静かな街でお米が美味しいです^-^… 長岡が好きです~~~